Downgrade to Flatsome 2.9

How to downgrade to Flatsome 2.9.6

We recommend you to downgrade to Flatsome 2.9 if you got huge problems with the Flatsome 3.0 installation. We're going to keep support Flatsome 2.9 for all future WooCommerce versions, so you could keep continue to use it.

The Flatsome 2.9.6 file is located in the "Flatsome 2.9" folder inside the "Theme Files" folder.

There are two ways to downgrade to Flatsome 2.9:

Upload Flatsome 2.9 with FTP.

  1. Unzip the flatsome2.9.6 zip file.
  2. Delete or rename the "flatsome" folder located in /wp-content/themes/ folder.
  3. Upload the new unzipped "flatsome" folder. It's important that you use the same name to keep old settings.

Using Easy Theme Update plugin.

  1. Install and activate this plugin: Easy Theme Upgrades
  2. Go to WP-Admin > Apparance > Themes > Add New and then click "Upload theme"
  3. Upload the flatsome2.9.6 zip file located in Theme Files folder.