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  • How to use the new Header Builder

    Note: Mobile and tablet has always used the same header settings, so it was a bit confusing to have “Mobile” and a “Tablet” button there

  • How to edit shop header with UX Builder

    To edit the shop header you need to create a new UX Block and insert the block shortcode into Advanced → WooCommerce. 1 Create a new UX  Block by going to WP-admin → UX Blocks → Add New 2 Copy and pas

  • How to add newsletter signup manually

    The newsletter link shown on our demo page is created automatically with the "newsletter" header element. Navigate to Theme Options → Header and move the "newsletter" element to an active header area

  • UberMenu

    Flatsome 3.0 now has automatic UberMenu integration. By default the UberMenu is added to the bottom of the header. You can disable this in Flatsome → Advanced → Integrations if you want to use a custo

  • WPML & Polylang

    How to setup the integrated WPML & Polylang dropdown menu. Go to Theme Options → Header to open the Header Builder. Drag the "Languages" element to where you want to place it.

  • Mobile sidebar menu elements

    To enable or disable mobile sidebar menu elements, navigate to Theme Options → Header → Header Mobile, scroll down to the "Menu Elements" section and click the eye icon of the desired/undesired elemen

  • Configure a separate sidebar (mobile) menu

    By default, the theme shows the main navigation in the header and in the (mobile) sidebar, for your convenience. This is perfectly fine and makes that you only have to create one menu to show them

  • How to add/set a Favicon

    A favicon is a little icon that browsers display next to a page's title on a browser tab, or in the address bar next to its URL. It also is used when you bookmark a page. To add your own, navigate to

  • How to add banner or slider to a category / shop page

    For Category pages Navigate to Products → Categories Edit the category where you want to add top banner Add content to "Top Content". We recommend you add a [ux_banner] or [block] shortcode here. For

  • How to generate a shortcode

    We recommend using the UX Builder (in 3.0) to generate a shortcode that you can insert anywhere. By following steps: Create a new blank page Open it in UX Builder Create an element and style how you w

  • Menu locations

    This theme has 5 menu locations Main Menu This is the main navigation that is located in the header Main Menu - Mobile This is the main mobile sidebar navigation Top Bar Menu This is located at the

  • How to enable Catalog Mode

    Go to Advanced → Catalog Mode to enable Catalog mode TIP: Adding an Enquiry form to the product page First, you need to create a form with Ninja Forms (Forms in wp-admin) Then go to Advanced → Catalog

  • Theme Hooks (Actions & Filters)

    Table of Contents Actions flatsome_absolute_footer_primary flatsome_absolute_footer_secondary flatsome_account_links flatsome_after_404 flatsome_after_account_user flatsome_after_blog

  • How can I update the theme?

    🚨 Before proceeding! Perform a backup of your website database and server files before you attempt to do any updates. (This counts for any update! Not only for the theme but for any update you wish