How can I update the theme?

🚨 Before proceeding!

Perform a backup of your website database and server files before you attempt to do any updates. (This counts for any update! Not only for the theme but for any update you wish to execute) You want to be able to restore to a working version of your website in case something goes wrong.

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Option 1: Automatic update (update through the WP admin panel)

  • Open the update section in WordPress by navigating to Dashboard → Updates, scroll down, select the Flatsome theme upgrade, and press 'Update Themes'
  • Clear all cache after installation!

The theme must be activated with a valid theme license key in order to see this update. If you still can't see the update, please try to click on the "Check Again" button to re-check the updates.

Option 2: Update through FTP

  • Go to and download the latest version of Flatsome
  • Unzip the zip file you have downloaded
  • Delete or rename the old flatsome folder on the server and upload the new one (Make sure the folder you upload is named 'flatsome' and the old renamed is not)
  • Clear all cache after installation!

Theme directory: wp-content/themes/flatsome

Note: You won’t lose any of your data! The only exception is if you have made edits to the original theme files like header.php, footer.php, etc. Which you should not do anyway. These changes should have been made through a child theme. All of your content and theme settings are preserved.