How to add newsletter signup manually

The newsletter link shown on our demo page is created automatically with the "newsletter" header element. Navigate to Theme Options → Header and move the "newsletter" element to an active header area and tweak it's settings accordingly.

Adding a newsletter manually 

You can also create it manually if you want for some reason, with a normal menu combined with [lightbox] shortcode. Here is how to make it:

  1. Add a menu, the URL should be e.g. #newsletter-signup
  2. Add "icon-envelop" to CSS Classes. (Enable CSS classes in Screen Option)

Now that you have setup the menu, lets setup the lightbox:

Go to Theme Option → Header → Header and add this to "HTML After Header":

[lightbox id="newsletter-signup" padding="0px" width="600px"]
[ux_banner bg="http://bgurl" height="400px" link="" animation="fadeInLeft" text_align="left" 
text_pos="left top" text_color="dark" text_width="40%"]
	<h3>Signup for our Newsletter!</h3>
	[ninja_forms_display_form id=1]

Get your ninja forms shortcode from  wp-admin > Forms