System status

Flatsome 3.16.0 includes a status panel which is by no means a full system status check for your site environment but rather shows (what we currently found) item indicators imperative to the theme. For example, the templates section checks for theme file overrides made in the child theme, making it easy for advanced users/developers to keep up with template changes made to core template files that are overridable.

To view the status page/panel you can navigate to Flatsome → Status


The status panel or overview widget consists of 6 sections:


Most items on the status panel are self-explanatory or give enough help through the info popup. Templates require a deeper understanding of how and what a logged item means. An item can be logged in one of three ways, showing you what the status of that file is.

Context: Overridable theme templates are template files living inside; the root, template-parts, and woocommerce folder of the theme.

Template versions in the theme status panel are determined and compared on the @flatsome-version tag (where WooCommerce does the same but on the regular @version tag).

Template version files will be bumped when critical changes are made.

→ 3 samples that indicate an override and if they are out of date or not

  1. flatsome-child/footer.php
  2. flatsome-child/template-parts/header/header-main.php version - is out of date. The core version is 3.16.0
  3. flatsome-child/woocommerce/single-product.php version 3.15.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.16.0

→ what each logged item means

  1. footer.php is overridden but up to date
    (no action is needed for this file)
  2. /header-main.php is overridden but its version could not be determined, it likely has no versioning tag @flatsome-version
    (need to add the version tag in the overridden file and might need reflecting template changes against the core version file)
  3. /single-product.php is overridden and is on an older version 3.15.0
    (needs reflecting template changes against the core version file)


  • 3.16.0 or greater