Google Fonts

Starting from theme version 3.16.0, Google fonts are downloaded and served locally from your server instead of the Google Fonts CDN (content delivery network) by default.

Loading Google Fonts from the Google CDN exposes visitors' IP addresses. Locally hosted web fonts font files allow users to comply with GDPR.

We recommend and strongly encourage using locally hosted web fonts!

Downloaded fonts used in Flatsome (3.16)

Fonts selected in the Typography settings panel are automatically downloaded to /wp-content/fonts/ and served from this directory.

A backward option is there if you need it, to load fonts the same as before 3.16 (the option will be removed over time).

Ensure the /wp-content/ has necessary permissions for the theme to create the /fonts/ folder and font files! On a normal fully working installation this should be correct already.

Google Fonts from plugins or not prepared to install 3.16 yet?

In case you use an old plugin or a plugin that is not yet updated to comply with GDPR, you could consider using Local Google Fonts (automatically detects Google font sources and gives users the option to download them and use them locally). Created by WordPress developer Xaver Birsak.


  • 3.16.0 or greater