The purchase code is already registered on another site

If you have registered your theme before and need to register it again for some reason, you must first delete the existing record. This is true even if you re-register your theme with the same domain. Requirement of re-registering the theme after every new installation provides an extra layer of security that ensures your purchase code is only available to your usage.

If you didn't have a chance to unregister the theme while removing your previous installation, please follow the steps below to delete the previously created theme registration.
  • Navigate to
  • Login with your Envato account (this must be the purchaser account).
  • Remove the existing registration by clicking the small trash can icon next to the domain name you want to unregister.
  • Re-register the theme from the Theme Registration page on the WordPress admin panel.

I can't see any of my licenses on

This usually happens when you have purchased Flatsome with a different Envato account. Please ensure that you log in with the account that you see Flatsome among the purchased items in the Downloads section of your Theme Forest account.