Upgrade to Flatsome 3.0


Flatsome 3.x is completely rewritten from the ground up, so things will look a bit different than they do on your current site.

Flatsome 3.0 zip file can only be found inside the 'All files and documentation' zip file.

This could give you problems if you have done heavy customizations with CSS or overriding templates in a Child Theme. We have tried to keep the theme as backward compatible as possible.

We’re really sorry if the upgrade gives you problems; we really think you will love the new Flatsome.

You can always go back to version 2.x if there are too many problems with your current installation.


Flatsome 3.x zip file can only be found inside the 'All files and documentation' zip file.

Always take a backup before upgrading!

Always take a backup of Theme Options and site when upgrading to a major new version!

How to upgrade to Flatsome 3.x

The Flatsome 3.x file is located in the "Theme Files" folder you'll find inside the main flatsome.zip file. 

There are two ways to update to Flatsome 3.x:

Upload Flatsome 3.x with FTP

  1. Unzip the flatsome3.x zip file.
  2. Delete or rename the "flatsome" folder located in /wp-content/themes/ folder.
  3. Upload the new unzipped "flatsome" folder. You must use the same name to keep old settings.

Using the WordPress admin panel (WordPress v5.5+)

  1. Go to WP-Admin → Appearance → Themes → Add New and then click "Upload Theme."
  2. Upload the flatsome3.x zip file located in the Theme Files folder.

Using a Child theme?

It should be ok to continue using your old child theme with Flatsome 3.x, but you need to remove or update files that are overriding Flatsome template files.