How to register the theme (with token)

This is a deprecated method of registering!

Read here for registering with version 3.14 and higher

Note that a purchase code and a token are two different keys!

A purchase code is formatted as: bg91c1z0-bdcf-457f-a3e5-4e0762896c2d
A token is formatted as: anfVrl8LDedSCPKp8ElRjOyVIhL90YjC


Theme registration

Navigate to Flatsome → Theme Registration and click the "Generate a token here" link. You'll be redirected to the create a token page.

In case you've activated the theme before with a purchase code and the theme is still activated like so an in-between step will be presented to you, and 'Register with Token' has to pressed before you see the above panel.


Create a token

It's possible Envato asks to login first before seeing the create a token page. Make sure you are logged in to Envato with an account that has Flatsome purchase(s), else the token will not work! Please double-check this when you have multiple Envato accounts. If your purchase is just made you have to wait a tiny bit until the Envato API has been updated with purchased items data.

Use a wise Token name so you can remember what and where it is used for. Leave permissions (or enable if all are empty) as shown in the below picture. Press the "Create Token" button to generate a new token.


Copy the token



Paste the copied token from the previous step into the theme token input and press "Register". A success message will appear when fully registered.